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Officers & Directors

Kenny Cooper

A picture of Kathy Ware
Kathy Ware

Vice Commodore
Kathy grew up 10 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in Oceanport, New Jersey and has always loved the water (she is, after all, an Aquarius).  Although they had two rivers in close proximity (and her parents socially knew boat owners on these rivers), one thing she never had access or the chance to learn was anything about sailing.

Kathy met Bob Ware in November 1983 and moved to their home on a 100 acre lake in Denville, north Jersey.  Although they had house repairs to do, but hey! living on a lake, what would you need to have first?  A toilet seat for the downstairs bathroom or a sailboat? (her mother never let her live it down).  Priorities…they bought their first sailboat within 2 weeks after they bought the house in 1986, a 10’ AquaCat.  Kathy knew nothing about sailing, but Bob had learned how to sail in Cape Cod years ago and already had plenty of sailing experience before they met.  So began her sailing education 29 years ago.  They have been sailing together ever since.

Kathy and Bob have raced and won trophies here at PPYC and have done three “blue water” charters in the Caribbean.  She was one of the first eight women who started “Ladies at the Helm” in 1997 and has managed “Learning at the Helm” for 10 years, this being her 11th season.  This teaching program has exposed hundreds of people to learning how to sail over the past 17 years, and many of them have joined PPYC and are still members.  Kathy and Bob have three grown children between the two of them in Alaska, Vermont and New Jersey.

Paul Latour
Past Commodore

Melinda McCreary

David Pilcher
David Pilcher has been your Treasurer since 2013. David and his wife, Martha Ann, have been members of PPYC since 1974, and this is David’s third time to serve the Club in the role of Treasurer. David is a Certified Public Accountant and has spent the majority of his career in public accounting and banking. 

Although a Nashville native, he attended college in Florida, earning his B.A. degree in Accounting from the University of South Florida after spending his first two years at what is now Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. David has the dubious distinction of earning college P.E. credit for learning how to sail, thanks to the school’s requirement at the time that all first and second year students take some P.E. class. Since the boat dock was right behind his dorm, it seemed logical, and he’s been bit by the sailing bug ever since.

After sailing a dinghy for 3 years, in 1977 David and his older brother, Matt, purchased a 1975 Catalina 22 and raced her in numerous club races at PPYC as well as the Governor’s Cup in KY. Some years later, David bought his brother’s interest in the boat and several years after that named her “Shadowfax”. David and Martha Ann are still sailing “Shadowfax” to this day. About eight years ago, David found a 1984 Catalina 25 at HIYC on Old Hickory Lake, bought her, named her “Recess” and, resisting overtures to join HIYC, brought her to Hamilton Creek Marina, making “Shadowfax” a trailer-sailed boat.  They sailed “Recess” for 5 delightful years, reluctantly selling her last year to return to being a 1-boat family.

David and Martha Ann have one daughter, Laura, and a 3 year old granddaughter, Emma.

David has been active in the local Catalina 22 fleet, Fleet 52, serving twice as Fleet Captain and for the past 13 years as Treasurer. Currently, David is crewing on Don Berridge’s Catalina 22, “Plan=B”, and also racing with Sam Beckman on C22 “Danger Zone”. He has sailed in 2 recent C22 National Championships.


Laura Johnson
Sailing Director
Laura has been living and sailing in Nashville since 2004 and became an active PPYC sailor in 2011 when she began racing.  Laura is an active racer in many club regattas on many boats.  She favors sailing J22s and has participated in many fleet events including the annual Southeast Circuit, 2013 Worlds in Newport, RI, 2015 North Americans in Houston, TX.  Recently, Laura bought a V15 and is becoming active in that fleet and sailed at 2015 Nationals in San Francisco. Laura first began sailing and teaching sailing in 1997 while working as Waterfront Director at Camp Peairs on Lake Bloomington in Illinois.  Laura helped teach and organize the PPYC Kids Sail Days in summer of 2015 and hopes to be involved with the program in the future.

Laura Johnson is a professional Camp Director and owner of Leadership Academy LLC, Camp Warner Park and Camp Bells Bend Beaman, in Nashville, TN.  She has been operating summer camps and recreation facilities for over a decade and has spent 17 years at summer camp.  Laura is a lover of the outdoors and is an avid hiker, sailor, paddler and adventure-seeker. Laura is passionate about helping others find time to be outside and grow appreciation for nature and outdoor recreation.


Fred Bartrom
Racing Director

Richard Lewis
Social Director
Hometown: Taylorville, MD
Place of Birth: Salisbury, MD
Favorite Sailing Water: Lake Michigan
Occupation: U.S Army - Retired; Self-Employed - Promoter

Richard has been a sailor for over 50 years, and has owned and sailed: 3 different San Juan 21's, an Irwin 10-4, an Irwin 25, O'Day 222, O'Day 25, Guppy 13, and presently owns a Catalina 18, Short-Handed.

Richard has sailed extensively on the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, sailed the length of Lake Michigan from Navy Pier in Chicago to around the Big Island. In 1993, he took a trip from Nashville down the Tenn-Tom to Panama City, FL. And yes, the vessel was the Guppy 13 - he's now completed 50% of the Great Loop.

Matt Pfingsten
Communications Director